Members of Gallimaufry are currently playing in many other exciting musical projects, 
and are still available to play for events across the country.
To book Gallimaufry for your dance, festival, or event, please email us at 

Previous Gigs

1/9/16, Port Angeles, WA
1/7/16, Seattle, WA (Lake City)
1/5/16, Concert in Bellingham, WA
1/2/16, Portland, OR
1/1/16, Seattle, WA (Phinney Ridge)
12/31/15, Bellingham, WA
10/23/15 - 10/25/15, Gypsy Moon Ball Weekend, Indianapolis IN, with Turnip the Beet, Susan Kevra, and Maggie Jo Saylor
6/19/15 - 6/21/15, Swing Into Summer Weekend at Pinewoods Camp with Free Raisins, Rachel Wallace, and others
6/18/15, Brattleboro VT house concert
6/17/15, Amherst Contra Dance, with Michael Hamilton
6/15/15, Concord Scout House Contra Dance, with Michael Hamilton
6/14/15, Glen Echo MD, with Michael Hamilton
6/13/15, Valley Contra Dance, Bethlehem PA, with Michael Hamilton
6/12/15, Ottsville Traditional Arts Center concert, Ottsville PA
10/3/14 - 10/4/14, Buffalo Big Dance with Michael Hamilton and others
6/13/14 - 6/15/14, Swing Into Summer Dance Weekend at Pinewoods Camp (Plymouth, MA), with Will Mentor, Nor'easter, and others
6/12/14, Tiverton, RI
6/10/14, MIT (Cambridge, MA)
6/9/14, Concord Scout House (Concord, MA) with Michael Hamilton
6/8/14, Brattleboro, VT
6/7/14, Peterborough, NH
5/31/14, Bethlehem, PA with Adina Gordon
5/29/14, Rochester, NY
4/26/14, Kenyon College, OH
4/25/14, Marblehead Family Dance, OH, with Aaron Baughman
4/18/14 - 4/20/14, Bloomington, IN: Mad Robin Romp Weekend
4/11/14 - 4/13/14, Oberlin, OH: Dandelion Romp Festival, with Contraversial, Maivish, M. J. Saylor, Luke Donforth
4/6/14, Farmington, MI
1/25/14, Raleigh, NC, with Michael Hamilton
1/24/14, Durham, NC, with Michael Hamilton
1/23/14, Asheville, NC, with Michael Hamilton
1/4/14, Urbana, IL: Jan Jam Festival with Michael Hamilton
1/3/14, Dayton, OH, with Michael Hamilton
12/6/13 - 12/8/13, Columbus, OH: Winter Warmup Festival with Elixir and Michael Hamilton
11/22/13, Glen Echo, MD, with Eric Black
11/2/13, Ann Arbor, MI, with Michael Hamilton
10/26/13, Bethlehem, PA, with Perry Shafran
10/25/13, Ithaca, NY
10/24/13, Rochester, NY, with Bob Nicholson
10/20/13, Owego, NY, with Casey Mullaney
10/12/13, Cleveland, OH, with Michael Hamilton
10/11/13, Pittsburgh, PA, with Heidi Wettlaufer
10/6/13, Pittsburgh, PA (Carnegie Mellon University) with Michael Hamilton
10/5/13, Columbus, OH, with Michael Hamilton
5/4/13, Columbus, OH, with Michael Hamilton
4/26/13, Pittsburgh, PA, with Ron Buchanan
4/20/13, Granville, OH, with Michael Hamilton
4/12/13 - 4/14/13, Oberlin, OH: Dandelion Romp Festival, with Elixir, Ari & Mia Friedman & Jordan Tice, and Chrissy Fowler
4/8/13, Pittsburgh, PA, with Gaye Fifer
3/30/13, Bethlehem, PA, with Sarah VanNorstrand
3/29/13, Syracuse, NY, with Sarah VanNorstrand
3/28/13, Webster, NY, with Katy Heine
3/27/13, Tiverton, RI, with Paul Wilde
3/26/13, Garden City, NY, concert
3/24/13, Glen Echo, MD, with Nils Fredland
3/23/13, Greenfield MA, with Steve Zakon-Anderson
3/22/13, Burlington, VT, with the Mad Robin Caller's Collective
3/15/13, Pittsburgh, PA, with Bronwyn Woods

(earlier gigs not listed)